Bigger and Better in the New Year

As 2015 is drawing to a close I look back and can’t believe what a year of growth and discovery it has been. In this society we put so much emphasis on one’s career to define who we are as a person. One’s occupation and education gives one a sense of worth, value, and identity. When I became sick a number of years back, my occupation was torn from me. No longer did I get up each morning to teach my kids, work on lesson plans, do home visits, and come home on the weekends to work on progress reports and IEPs and then spend time with friends. I had to give up so much of the life I knew and had built up for myself, including moving out of my home. I spent my days going to doctor appointments,

Clinic with Clive Milkins

The other week I was back in Maine at The Carlisle Academy where I was able to clinic again with Clive Milkins, leading international para equestrian coach from Great Britain. I was looking forward to going until I realized it was December in Maine! Luckily they've been having mild temperatures this Winter, but for this California girl it was still freezing! Since it is winter, it is a pretty quiet time on the farm. This meant that the week was pretty relaxed and I was able to take in a lot of information. I got long ride times in the morning on their lovely Hanoverian mare, Zoe. I rode her when I was there back in August and we are a very good match. Her movements are very fluid and easy fo

TheHub SoCal

This month I was interviewed by a local magazine called the Hub So Cal about para dressage and my hopes for the future. Here's a link to the online version of the magazine. It starts on page 22. I think it came out great! #disability #horses #paraequestrian #paradressage #dressage #boxwheelchairs #equestrian #alannaflaxclark #wheelchair #teamalanna

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