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Kay Jewelers Commercial Shoot

n August I was fortunate enough to audition for a Kay Jewelers commercial for their Open Hearts Collection. The audition process went smoothly and I had my great friend Paul by my side the entire time, which meant we did a lot of good eating after each callback! At the end of August I traveled to Colorado for a sports camp with the Challenged Athletes Foundation. The camp is about 40miles outside of Denver in a gorgeous area called Empire, but it has basically no cell reception. On my second day there I randomly had my phone out and received a message that I booked the job! I'm not sure how I got the message, but it was so exciting! They needed more info from me for fittings and such (which started the day after I returned from my trip), and that became challenging with no cell service!

Everything worked out and Paul came with me to all the fittings and shoot days. It was a great week and awesome cast and crew. They couldn't have been more welcoming. The second day I met with Jane Seymour for an interview (more to come later...). Then, we shot the commercial the day after.

It was great to work with a Director who was so welcoming and willing to hear my ideas and learn about what I could do. Everyone from the agency had a lot of fun with the shoot and the people from Kay Jewelers were amazing. They were also filming some behind the scenes footage and did an interview at the end, so you'll have to wait to hear more about that!

Here's how the commercial came out-- there's also another version floating around out there! Let me know if you see it on TV and on what channel!

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