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USEF High Performance Symposium

This past week I went to Rancho Murieta. The last few days I attended the USEF/USPEA High Performance West Coast Para Equestrian Dressage Symposium. It consisted of lectures and ride feedback from 5* FEI Para Equestrian Dressage Judge Carlos Lopes and USEF Para Equestrian Dressage Chef d'Equipe Kai Handt.

We went over Para-Dressage theory, scales of training, quality of horse, and preparation for international competition. We also reviewed and critiqued rides to understand some of the challenges we face as riders as well as to better understand judge's expectations based upon current para-dressage tests. It was extremely helpful to actually get on Royal Dancer and receive constructive feedback from Kai and Carlos after going over the lecture material. I was also able to watch the other riders and see how I could apply their feedback to my riding.

Thank you to Julia Handt for letting me ride Royal Dancer so I could actively participate in the symposium. Thank you to everyone who has donated on my GoFundMe site ( you were a big part in making this trip happen.

Every little donation and even sharing my site and GoFundMe page helps me continue what I love to do. Remember it takes a team of people to help me turn my dreams into a reality. Training, travel, competitions, equipment, clinics, are just many of the things that go into building a successful competitive para-dressage rider.

Thanks for all your support!!

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