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Red Tail July Shows!

Paco Taco is a saint!

Last week we went to Red Tail Farm to show our Team and Individual Championship Test. Thank you Red Tail for adding the para classes so we could come and ride through our tests!

The first day as we were hauling out the skies opened and it started to rain lightly. Of course when I got on El Paso it started POURING. Just as it was time to ride through my test the thunder and lightning came. Taco was amazing and so brave for me. He got scared at one point when I also thought the thunder and lightning bolt was going to come down and get us both, but he just stopped then listened to me when I told him to continue on. We ended up scoring a 74.8% and got FEI High Point for the day!

Thank you to Sara Schmitt for keeping me calm, cool, and collected in conditions I’ve never had to ride in; and for staying nearby to help me feel better 😊 Thank you also to Lillian Mikulski for getting Taco show ready and coming to help out. And to Allison Mikulski for the support and food. Thank you Julia Katherine Elizabeth for surprising me and coming with the stack of towels!!

The next day was a much drier day and Paco was super. I was feeling more tired and rode through my Individual Championship Test- I’ve only schooled it once with him. I was happy I was able to remember it, and will work on my activity next time. We still got a 67.9%. Thanks to my wonderful coworkers at Mane Stream for coming to watch! Thanks also to Carolyn Laurent for helping with Taco, and congrats on your rides today!

Thank you also to all my awesome friends and family, everyone at Sara Schmitt Dressage, and my generous sponsors and supporters. Horse By Horse Enjoy Yums Healthy Horse Treats The Rock HouseBox Wheelchairs Spinergy - Wheelchair Kenda Tires USA Challenged Athletes Foundation

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