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How Can You Help?

What is required to be a successful team? 

It takes a team of people to help me turn my dreams into a reality. 

Reaching the elite level in equestrian sport requires a great deal of time and hard work, as well as a huge financial investment to keep both horse and rider at the top level to form a successful competitive para-dressage team.

  • Training- horse and rider

  • Tack and Equipment

  • Farrier + Vet care + Dental Care

  • Boarding

  • Supplements and Acupuncture

  • Competition expenses (National and International): Entrance Fees, Travel, Groom, Airbnb, Food

  • FEI, USEF, USDF registration & application fees

  • Rider training off the horse (Pilates, Massage, etc)

The opportunity to have an athlete like Alanna representing your brand is invaluable. Your brand will benefit greatly from the influence of a young fighter on the consumer market. Her social network will bring popularity and potential for other connections. 


Your tax-deductible donation will help allow Alanna and Taco to continue on their path to becoming the most successful team possible.

Interested in sponsoring part of Alanna's journey with a tax-deductible donation? 

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