The 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio was the first time that some of the games were broadcast live on network television in the United States. It was also the first time that mainstream society saw the disabled community for all the things we CAN do, not for what we can’t. Oftentimes, the disability community receives widespread attention during telethons, campaigns for medical research, or on the news when there’s some random act of kindness performed. In light of this exposure, the disability community is regularly seen for our perceived shortcomings. Our community is often misunderstood. Even the name “disability community” sets us apart and suggests that we are without ability, or have less


Over the last couple of years I have grown so much physically, emotionally, and personally. I know I can conquer anything thrown my way with grace and dignity, and will succeed. This has been a big change for me, but a lesson that the horses have helped me learn as they truly accept me for who I am. With years of being made to feel insecure, less than, afraid by doctors and in the hospitals, I often detached from people and avoided certain situations. Having your body change so drastically from how you’re used to using it can be difficult to accept. Now that I’ve learned to accept myself and opened up to people, I find it hard not to smile. I try hard everyday to learn new things, and k

Dressage Training Boot Camp!

Last week I was invited to live with dressage trainer Linda Fritsch at her farm in South Bend, Indiana for an intensive training. Coming to a new trainer and living in an unfamiliar place can leave you with mixed emotions, but Linda and her husband Ernie immediately welcomed me into their home. The first day we immediately got to work getting to know her Dutch Warmblood, Timon. Timon was so gentle and willing to carry me so I could focus on everything Linda was teaching. Linda provided me with an amazing experience and gave me a wealth of knowledge the entire week. Focusing on rider biomechanics, she really demonstrated how to align with the horse in a way that creates an optimum connection

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