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Dressage Training Boot Camp!

Last week I was invited to live with dressage trainer Linda Fritsch at her farm in South Bend, Indiana for an intensive training. Coming to a new trainer and living in an unfamiliar place can leave you with mixed emotions, but Linda and her husband Ernie immediately welcomed me into their home. The first day we immediately got to work getting to know her Dutch Warmblood, Timon. Timon was so gentle and willing to carry me so I could focus on everything Linda was teaching. Linda provided me with an amazing experience and gave me a wealth of knowledge the entire week. Focusing on rider biomechanics, she really demonstrated how to align with the horse in a way that creates an optimum connection—the essence of harmony. I truly learned how to use my body and weight to the best of my ability, focusing on all the strengths I have rather than my disabilities. Linda followed me around the arena and picked out the parts of my body that needed to change, while also praising the things I was doing correctly. She explained that correct horse biomechanics are only brought about by correct rider biomechanics, and for the rider to achieve that is every bit as much of a taxing gymnastic training process as is that of training the horse. By the end of my time there it was amazing to feel the difference in Timon’s movement as I learned to make little adjustments in my weight and position. I’m grateful for my week with Linda and can’t wait to for my next time training with her!

Thank you to Linda and Ernie for hosting me, and to Hope from the U.S. Para Equestrian Association for putting me in touch with Linda. It takes a village and I appreciate all the support of people helping me along the way. To learn more about how you can help, click here: How Can I Help

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