The Power of Sport

When I became a part of the disability community, I knew nothing about the community that I was thrown into. I knew nothing about what living life in a wheelchair would be like, though my first thoughts of what life would be like were pretty bleak and nothing like what my life currently is. At first I thought that my future would be filled with limitations and many things I could no longer do because of my disability. But after all these years I wonder why I didn’t see all the potential my life still held and the many things I could be. Why did I only look at my limitations rather than all the possibilities available to me? Did you know that nearly a seventh of our population is living with

Training with Sparklez

I've been in NJ for less than a month now training with Sara Schmitt's wonderful horse, Sparklez. Coming here I wasn't sure what to expect, but we've grown together as a team tremendously during this time and I've really learned a lot. Sparklez has had to learn so much in order to communicate with me. It takes a lot of patience on his part and mental strength. I've had to learn his strengths and weaknesses and really push through the bitter cold temperatures, which is hard on my body. We leave for Wellington, FL on December 30th-- I can't wait for some warmth-- and my first big international CPEDI3* show starts on January 4th. We're really pushing hard at this point, running through all my

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