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Training with Sparklez

I've been in NJ for less than a month now training with Sara Schmitt's wonderful horse, Sparklez. Coming here I wasn't sure what to expect, but we've grown together as a team tremendously during this time and I've really learned a lot. Sparklez has had to learn so much in order to communicate with me. It takes a lot of patience on his part and mental strength. I've had to learn his strengths and weaknesses and really push through the bitter cold temperatures, which is hard on my body. We leave for Wellington, FL on December 30th-- I can't wait for some warmth-- and my first big international CPEDI3* show starts on January 4th. We're really pushing hard at this point, running through all my tests that I will ride through at the competition. Through it all Sara and everyone at the barn has been so supportive of me and excited about my upcoming competitions, cheering me on through the entire process. We have two international competitions in Florida back to back. I'm excited about this adventure and all the people I've met along the way. It also has been a big one, flying across country to train, then moving down to Florida. These are qualifiers to hopefully make it to the World Equestrian Games. It would be amazing to qualify for the Games, but just to have this opportunity and learn more means the world to me.

If you are able to support me through this journey it would be great- every little bit helps to go towards training, entry fees for competitions, stabling, hauling Sparklez back and forth, etc. Please share with your friends and family as well. You can either go to:

or make a tax deductible donation through Southern California Equestrian Sports at: Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and thanks for your continued support!

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