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March 2019 CPEDI3*

On March 7-10, 2019, Taco and I competed in our second CPEDI3* of the season at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival!

On Thursday, All horses passed the jog-- Paco Taco was accepted with flying colors.

Taco and I have been training really hard with Sara Schmitt's guidance. We've been making adjustments to our equipment and pushing our activity level to have a stronger, more connected relationship. We felt really good going into this competition. I was very proud of our rides all three days of the competition, and each day we won our class!

Each day of the show was a true learning experience. I came to this sport not too long ago and work hard to be the best rider I can. I've had Taco less than a year so our relationship is still building every day. This show I was really able to ride an active, forward trot and be more proactive throughout. He was calm and relaxed which truly helped me. Sara has really helped me feel confident in the show ring, know how to prep in the warm up, and have fun the entire time. She really helped me stay focus on the positive this show.

Thanks to Caelyn Adams for coming out to groom and take care of him this show. And to my big cheering section every day (Linda, Regina, Ria, Julia, Denise, and Jack).

Thanks also to all the show organizers, stewards, TD’s, sponsors, USPEA, and USEF that made this show possible. And to everyone that came out to support me and all the other riders!

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