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NEDA Fall Festival

What a great week at NEDA Fall Festival! I was so proud of Paco Taco taking care of me in such an electric environment. This is one of the biggest Dressage shows in the country and the longest show we've been to yet. Thanks to Sara Schmitt for prepping us for this type of environment and for helping to manage both of our energy.

Each day we rode in front of multiple FEI judges who just got back from WEG judging the top athletes in the world. The first day we rode through our team test and received a 70.2%. The next day I rode through my new freestyle created by Debbie Marriott. I love the music and we got awesome feedback and a 76.167%!! The last day we were both tired, but pulled out a 71.39% on our Individual Championship Test. We're taking the judges comments and working on improving things the next few months so we can have a great winter season in Wellington.

Thanks again to everyone who helped at the show and getting us ready before-- I couldn't have done it without you, and it wouldn't have been as fun.... thanks to Erin Laurent, John and Beth Lambert, Caelyn Adams, Janice Laird Turner (my sleeves were perfect!), Maggie O'Leary, Carolyn Laurent, and Ria Kilker-Ple.

Thanks of course to everyone cheering me on and all my awesome sponsors and sponsors: Horse By Horse, The Rock House, Enjoy Yums Healthy Horse Treats, Mike Box, Box Wheelchairs, Spinergy - Wheelchair , Kenda Tires USA, Challenged Athletes Foundation

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