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Caledon Spring Jubilee CPEDI3* SUCCESS!

At the end of May, Taco and I headed up to Canada to the Caledon Spring Jubilee CPEDI3* with Sara Schmitt and Taco's BFF and Sara's German Riding Pony, Jafar, and Caelyn Adams, super groom. This was mine and Taco's first trip to compete out of the country and we were selected to represent tthe Adequan® U.S. Para Dressage Team along with Mary Jordan, Laurietta Oakleaf, and our Chef d'Equipe, Regina Cristo. As a Team we won Silver!

I was so proud of how Taco handled the long trip and settled in to the show grounds. There were four people in my class throughout the show and tough competition. We got super comments from the judges and I really saw tremendous progress in our training since this winter. In Friday's FEI Team Test, we had a good, focused, forward ride that was reflected well in the judges scores. I tried to continue that focus on day two in Saturday's FEI Individual Test and we went for it. On Sunday, we received our highest score for our freestyle yet, and I'm feeling ready to push myself more and try to work on more challenging choreography to gain higher scores in future shows.

I was thrilled with how the entire show went and how Taco and I handled the pressure of a new environment and more competition. Sara Schmitt plays a huge role in our team and keeps us in the right mind-set so that we can both shine in the ring. Caelyn also plays a vital role in getting us ready and keeping us both happy throughout the show.

The Canadian hosts, the TD's, Stewards, judges, and the fellow Canadian team were so welcoming! It was a wonderful week!

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