Dressage at Red Tail Farm Day 2

Day 2 at Red Tail Farm. An even earlier morning. Another successful day as I rode through my FEI Grade 2 Team Test. Sara Schmitt and Maggie O'Leary helped to make changes to my equipment before I got on. It was great to have them both here for my ride for the support and so they could see how things work out in the show ring compared to schooling at home. My equipment is like putting together a puzzle and it’s great to have a team that supports me and challenges me in my goals. This was a good chance for me to test things out here before we head to Tryon for National Championships. Taco felt great, but I was a little tired today. I felt I was able to focus more on accuracy and relaxation thi

Dressage at Red Tail Farm Day 1

Tuesday was a bright and early morning ride for our Individual Championship Test at Red Tail Farm! I think Taco was the most relaxed he’s ever been. Sara Schmitt also said something in the warm up that clicked with me to get better bend throughout the test. I haven’t been riding very long and even though this is such a big part of my life, I am constantly learning little things. That’s the great thing about this sport- you can constantly improve and learn! I’ve been back to riding everyday for the last week and it feels great. Taco is such a wonderful friend and partner 💜 I was so happy with him today and we ended up with a 75%. I even got a 9 on our halt at the entrance! We made equipment

Summer Days at USET

I'm behind on my updates! At the end of July I showed my Team Test at the ESDCTA Summer Days show at USET. It was a tough month for me with my health and I was only able to ride a handful of times. I wasn’t sure I was going to show, but I felt I needed to push through and do it. Taco is super and he will carry me through no matter how I feel, so I knew I could trust him. He felt great in the warm up. In the middle of my test I almost excused myself as I didn’t think I was going to make it, but I kept going, riding a little more conservatively. In the end I got a 68.78%. I was proud of myself for finishing and very happy with my score. We’ve come a long way since last year. For riding conserv

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