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Dressage at Red Tail Farm Day 1

Tuesday was a bright and early morning ride for our Individual Championship Test at Red Tail Farm! I think Taco was the most relaxed he’s ever been. Sara Schmitt also said something in the warm up that clicked with me to get better bend throughout the test. I haven’t been riding very long and even though this is such a big part of my life, I am constantly learning little things. That’s the great thing about this sport- you can constantly improve and learn!

I’ve been back to riding everyday for the last week and it feels great. Taco is such a wonderful friend and partner 💜 I was so happy with him today and we ended up with a 75%. I even got a 9 on our halt at the entrance!

We made equipment changes last week and I’m looking forward to making changes for tomorrow’s ride based on how things felt today.

Thanks to Maggie O'Leary for helping us school for the show while Sara was away this weekend and analyze my complicated bridle set up! Thanks also to Lily and Linda for all your help at the show. And to Sara, for always pushing me harder each ride and making us laugh.

Thanks to everyone a Project Walk New Jersey for keeping me moving and in shape while I was not feeling my best so my stamina and strength was not completely depleted when I returned to riding and showing.

Thanks to everyone at Red Tail for being so accommodating with the Para classes, the ring changes, and keeping the show running on time.

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