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Sunny's Debut at Red Tail Farm!

This past week I had my first show with Julia Greifeld’s beautiful mare Sunflower. Sunny and I have only been together for about a month, and only schooling a few days a week. She’s a much different horse than Taco for me to learn, and much younger- only 6 years old! I knew that she was an amazing mare, but after this show she truly showed that she’s extra special. She has such a wonderful brain with a heart of gold.

Not all 6yr olds would be able to figure out how to communicate with a para rider in a short amount of time in order to be ready to compete, AND be unflappable in the ring. But she did it all! We pulled out two solid rides and qualifying scores for National Championships in October.

I can’t thank Julia enough for letting me ride her beautiful mare and Sara for taking the time and having the patience to fast track us to get us ready for this show. I’ve been enjoying every minute of it! Thanks to Jo for waking up to groom at the show (and your amazing videography skills!).

Thanks also to Linda Dietz and everyone at Red Tail for putting on an amazing and well run show!


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