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Applewood Farm Dressage Show

The other day El Paso and I had our first show together, and first adventure away from the farm at the Applewood Farm, Oldwick NJ, Marilyn Payne Dressage Show. I couldn't be more proud of Taco. There were lots of distractions with people prepping for the Essex Horse Trials this weekend, kids running around, dogs, and cars/trucks going up and down the street, but he knew his job and was focused in the ring. Thank you to Marilyn Payne for the honest feedback. I know we still have a lot of room for improvement, but I am so happy with our 72.8% in our Team Test- a blue ribbon!

Thank you to Sara Schmitt for helping us feel confident enough to get to this point. It's been a crazy few months of lots of change, but I'm having so much fun learning with him. Thanks also to Janice Laird Turner and Carolyn Laurent for helping both of us at the show-- I couldn't even get to the warm up with an extra push, help carrying our stuff, and an impromptu scribe ;)

Of course thanks to all my awesome friends and family, and to my generous sponsors and supporters. We've already got things to work on starting tomorrow for our next shows in July!

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