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Suddenly Farm Dressage Show

El Paso and I went to our first recognized show together yesterday at Suddenly Farm. Thank you so much Suddenly for adding the Para Classes and for everyone there for being so gracious and accommodating.

It was a very hot day and super early morning, but Paco Taco was a rock star. With each outing I’m learning how even more special he is and how much more I can push with him. We rode through our Team Test and got a 70.3%! There’s always more to improve on, but I was very happy with my ride and know we can only go up from here. Thanks, Sara, for helping me feel confident enough to go out there with him.

Sara Schmitt also took him out and rode him at 3-3 and they received a 69.62% and a blue ribbon for their class! He was super for both of us and relaxed through it all.

I couldn’t have gotten through the heat and long day without Sara and Janice Laird Turner keeping me hydrated and fed, and helping me with Taco (plus lots of laughter). They both also had beautiful rides on their own horses!

Thank you also to all my awesome friends and family, everyone at Sara Schmitt Dressage, and my generous sponsors and supporters: Horse By Horse The Rock House Box Wheelchairs Spinergy - Wheelchair Kenda Tires USA Challenged Athletes Foundation Mike Box

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