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USEF Update- How do you feel?

The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) announced this week that they are extending the suspension of all events, selection trials, training camps, clinics and activities through May 31, 2020. This comes as a blow to many people, but is only done in mind with the safety and health for all.

We all know that re-opening the environment has been discussed with easing of restrictions over several weeks varying greatly from state-to-state. When and if this starts, we must be very mindful and continue with the best practices to reduce exposure to and transmission of the COVID-19 virus. While I would love for competitions to resume, it's important that we all support and maintain these best practices in our daily lives, at the barn, and once we're able to get back to shows.

Do I miss going to shows? I would immediately answer yes! I love the focus and drive that the competitions give me with my training. I enjoy the support and camaraderie that our barn has at shows. More importantly, I love the memories that form outside of the show ring with the horses, fellow riders, and barn friends. Who can ever forget being in Canada and experimenting getting pulled around by Caelyn on the electric bike (and of course getting dumped out of my chair in the dirt right before going to ride); or getting carried up the steps to our Airbnb after a long day and ending up on the ground on top of Sara laughing so hard; or drives to horse shows with fantastic car songs!

Right now not everyone is able to get to the barn to ride their horse, but we can be grateful for the trainers and barn staff continuing to care for and train our horses. Our barn is also doing weekly zoom barn chats to stay in touch. There are also many zoom trainings online and USEF has equestrian fitness videos. Even though things may not be "normal," there are ways to continue so we will be ready for when competition season starts up again.

If you can't get to your barn to ride, what is one thing you are doing to stay focused and competition ready?


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