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Compensatory Aids?

I’m packing and getting ready to leave tomorrow for Rancho Murieta. Before I leave I thought I’d explain more about this crazy world of para-dressage!

Some of you may have heard me talk about my compensatory aids or seen me hooked onto my stirrups with rubber bands. Compensatory aids are merely items para riders use to compensate for a physical limitation due to a disability. They are not used to give us an advantage over any other riders. Compensatory aids are determined and approved during the classification process based on one’s grade level. The FEI monitors these as a function of safety for the rider and horse.

Remember, the compensatory aids provide no advantage to the rider. In fact, you may not even notice many of the aids used (like the rubber bands on boots to keep the feet from falling out of the stirrups, seat saver, adapted reins, etc). They just allow us to ride at a parallel level despite the challenges we face from our body. Personally, I prefer to use as few aids as possible as it is easier to keep track of and think of when out riding!

Back to packing. I'll have more to update when I return!

Thank you to everyone who has been sharing, donating, and asking about my journey. It really takes a village to do this and appreciate all the support. To help donate/share towards the funds needed for training, transportation, equipment, and entry fees please visit:

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