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The Easy Cue Dressage Whip

I went into Dressage Extensions in Moorpark for my fitting for their Fashion Show earlier this month. As I started talking about how I use my aids when riding they asked if I had ever tried this particular type of whip called the Easy Cue Dressage Whip. I use two whips that basically act in place of my legs. Since I don't have any grip in my hands the whips have to be secured to my wrists. However, I also use loops on my reins that go around my wrists to control my reins. So the whips can't get tangled up in my reins for safety reasons. Also, when I flick my wrists to cue my horse I have to make sure that the loops for my reins do not fall off my hands. It's a tricky balance.

The whips I had been using were heavy and floppy. I was having difficulty angling them at the proper position. My horse, Zotti, was just not very responsive to them. But, they were the only softer handled whips that weren't bruising my wrists. Zotti wasn't getting the cue to trot. When someone helped me into trot, the whips would flop around and distract him. They also would sometimes hit him when we trotting to cue him into a bigger trot. He has a very big, bouncy trot to begin with, so this was a problem.

The Easy Cue Dressage Whip has made a big difference! The curved design rests over my thigh making it easier to cue my horse without changing my hand and wrist position and worrying about losing the loops of my reins. The whips are also light weight and the handle soft. When trotting they do not flop around and distract Zotti and I have control over them. He is also more responsive to my littler cues.

Thank you Dressage Extensions for introducing me to the Easy Cue Dressage Whip!!

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