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Summer Days!

Another week, another show! This week was Summer Days Show at USET Foundation Inc. Thank you everyone at ESDTCA for putting on a beautiful show and being so accommodating with the para classes!

I woke up the first day of the show with a fever and difficulty breathing. The weather this week has been downpours off and on. Fortunately for both my rides the rain mostly held off and El Paso carried me through my tests since I did not have all my energy. We pulled off a 72.2% for our Team Test and a 67.79% for our Individual Test the second day. Each ride I feel more at ease with Taco in the show ring.

I couldn’t have gotten through this show without Sara Schmitt. Not only is she an awesome coach, but she made sure I was resting and not tiring myself out before my rides. Thanks also to Carolyn Laurent who not only had some gorgeous rides this show, but then stepped in to help groom at the show, get my wheelchair out of the rain, and carry everything we needed! Of course thanks also to Caelyn Adams who stayed late the night before the show to bathe him and to Maggie O'Leary who braided him! And to Janice and Ria who stepped in at the show as well! It truly takes a village and Sara Schmitt Dressage has an amazing one!

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