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Dressage at Red Tail June II

Last week I showed my Individual Championship Test at Red Tail Farm. It was a hard week for me physically and show day was especially rough. I was really struggling with my breathing, but insisted on going through with my ride. I’m pretty stubborn and will always push myself. Today I just had the goal of finishing my test, but I learned a lot more about Taco.

Taco truly loves the show ring and knows when I’m not at my best. He will always take care of me. When I just let him do his thing, he will make us both shine out there. Today he did just that as he carried me through my test when I was running on about 10%. We won with a 75.8%.

We were also FEI High Point Winners!

Thanks to Sara Schmitt for making us into the best team no matter the circumstances. You really helped us today. Thanks also to Julia for stepping up as show mom and helping me cool down and breathe better after my ride.

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