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Thank you!

Horses are so healing and bring great inspiration to my life. I may have a disability, but I also am amazed with how far I’ve come with my life. I strive to find happiness in each day. I have found my passion and I will fight to follow through with it. Some days my body has nothing left in it physically, but I fight because I want to get out with my horse and push further.

The last week has been one of those times where I've been pushing. I've been making exciting improvements in my lessons and it's been so motivating to me, but tomorrow I go see my doctor for a little procedure that I'm not too excited about to say the least. I expect to be back and running at the barn on Friday, but I haven't had anything big done in a while so it's wearing on me. The barn has been my one place to get away, my sanctuary, and made me realize again how grateful I am for what the horses in my life have done for me, as well as the trainers and therapists that have been crazy enough to work with me!

I can say that the horses in my life, especially Zotti recently, have been a constant in my life through times that seemed uncertain. They've loved me unconditionally and taught me to work on my strengths while building up my weaknesses. They've all tested me just enough to build up my confidence, and known when I need to slow down.

When I look back at all the work I’ve had to put in to get to where I am today from starting off not even being able to sit independently or get my legs in stirrups, to being independent today, every lesson and day at the barn is truly extraordinary. Horses connect with people in a way no other human can. Unlike when I’m in my chair when I’m looking up at people, when I’m atop Zotti, people look up at me for a change. It makes me feel empowered. And even though Zotti takes the steps for me, I do experience the sensation of walking when we’re out together, something most people take for granted.

So Thank you! Lehua, get ready for me Friday... I'm anxious and ready for more!!

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