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2016 Goals

It's been a while since I updated. The holidays and new year were a busy time and the last few weeks seemed to have flown by!

Lehua and I went to Wellington for a quick, but very inspiring and fun trip. While there I was able to get my FEI classification done so I am now classified nationally and internationally as a Grade 1b para dressage rider! The CPEDI3* show was also taking place at that time and we were able to watch the riders. It was very helpful to see the various horse choices as well as their tack set up.

Once we got home we made some changes to Zotti's tack based on what we observed and it was amazing the difference it immediately made. By my next lesson, Zotti had a new saddle that fit us both better (Thank you Sarah!) This past week it's felt like things have really been sliding into place and it's very encouraging.

We're busy trying to plan out our show schedule this year with the aim of getting to Nationals in June in Michigan. We've had some very positive feedback and guidance lately. I couldn't have gotten this far without Lehua and am so grateful for her letting me ride Zotti.

To get to Para Nationals and beyond it will take a team of people and lots of funding. I'm looking to start doing fundraisers through the show season. If anyone could help out with running a fundraiser, please reach out and CONTACT ME HERE! Or if you know of any restaurants, stores, etc. that would like to host something, I would love to hear! Otherwise any donations would be greatly appreciated.

This is our first step towards the World Equestrian Games and Paralympics in 2020! Thanks to everyone who continues to share and support me. I can't do it without you all! It truly takes a village!

To make any donations click here to my GoFundMe Page:

For more updates like my FB page:

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