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Yoocan Do Anything

A number of months back I was contacted by Ben who was with a website starting up called Yoocan Do Anything. Yoocan was being created with the aim to become an inspirational community for people with disabilities and their families to share stories, buy products, and empower one another to do anything. The creators behind Yoocan were inspired by what I was doing and thought my story was worth sharing. It's great to see this all come together!

This video is now from a while back and it's always amazing for me to see the progress I've made over the months. I still ride Zotti and love him for all he's taught me and being such a kind soul, but it's also made me realize how grateful I am to now have Royal in my life. I couldn't be luckier to learn and grow with both of them!

Thank you, Ben-- you'll have to come out and get an update on me and Royal one day!

Thank you, Lehua, for challenging me each and everyday!

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