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El Campeon Farms

A couple weeks ago Royal and I moved barns. I'm grateful for what I learned at Lehua Custer Dressage and the strong, confident rider I've become, but it was time to move on and further our training. Royal got settled in on his first day here. He was welcomed by Cesar, his awesome new groom, who helped get him acclimated with everything. Cesar has given both of us nothing but the best treatment since we've been here. If I'm not at the barn, I know that Royal is going on walks through the trails, getting bathed, and getting top notch treatment! I'm training with Sabine Schut-Kery who has really brought her immense background to work with us. Since I do not ride and communicate with Royal as would most riders, it really takes some creativity on how to keep him fit and motivated. He's such a willing and good boy, and I need him to stay that way. Our first couple week of lessons has seen such a transformation in both of us! I haven't seen him move and respond so well, and it's such a joy to see him really working with me and feeling great. I feel so grateful to be able to come to such an awesome place like this to train with Sabine and for everyone here for being so supportive of my passion, especially Christy. I'm really getting to focus on my training and feeling assured that Royal is getting the best care. I can't thank my parents enough for being supportive of me taking this step to continue with my training to pursue what I love.

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