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Paso Robles Dressage Classics

It's been a busy few weeks, but I finally have time to catch you up on our busy and exciting times. Royal and I went to the Paso Robles Dressage Classics at the Paso Robles Horse Park a couple weekends ago. It was a bigger show and more traveling for both of us than we've done together, but Royal handled all the activity and commotion like a pro! He didn't bat any of his long eyelashes at anything going around him and remained relaxed the entire time we were there, even with the 20mph winds!

Thank you to Sabine for helping me and Royal through this weekend so I had a good show experience. It was great prep for our next show and gave us things to school so we'd be even more sharp for our rides at the show next week. Also thank you, Kristian, for taking such good care of Royal the entire weekend.

Thank you also to Lisa Blaufuss, Evin Rattner, Kim Keenan Stordahl, Barbara Biernat, and everyone else for adding the para classes here for the first year and being so accommodating. It's such a wonderful accessible facility, with great footing, and I love that you gave us the chance to show without question.

Thanks to Shawn at Simi Valley Spine and Wellness Center for squeezing me in before I left to get my body in better shape and in less pain so I was able to travel and ride better.

Almost all photos by: Diane Kastama (who even came out for my 7am ride!) Thank you (and to mom Pat Kastama!!)

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