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Rancho Murieta CPEDI3*

I’m finally home and rested! What a fantastic week at our first international show at the CPEDI3* at Rancho Murieta! It was a very brutal show with the incredibly hot weather, but it was a fun week with all the other talented para riders, families, and grooms that were incredibly supportive.

I was so proud of Royal for being so calm and relaxed throughout the entire show. He got off the long trailer ride like a pro and settled in easily as he got acclimated to the main ring like he had been there for years. Sabine did an awesome job taking care of him in the heat so he stayed comfortable all week. I couldn’t have stayed as focused without her there. The three of us have only been working together for a few months, but I felt prepped to ride under 5 international judges. I couldn’t have done it without her support, training, and laughter to keep us going through the days! Thank you!!!

Thank you also to Ryan Torkkeli and Michele Bandinu who waited around with me the first night for Royal to arrive and helped get him settled in and for all your help through the week. And to Susan Treabass for the hay delivery!!

It was wonderful to see all the riders and horses do a fantastic job through the heat. Thanks to Michel Assouline and Kai Handt for spending time to review our rides each day and help us prep for the following day. It really showed as we got stronger each day! And to US Equestrian, USPEA, the show organizers, judges, and CPEDI support team for making this show possible!

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