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Welcome El Paso!

I’d like to welcome you to the newest member of my team and family: El Paso!!

El Paso arrived this weekend all the way from Holland. We got to pick him up from quarantine a few days ago and he has settled in nicely. It’s such a change in environment and weather for him, but he’s adjusted like a pro! He really loves his new horse friends and all the love and attention he’s getting.

He took to my wheelchair no problem. I've ridden him a few times and he's been super! He really concentrated on what I needed and for only being here a few days, I truly felt completely safe on him. He let me mount from my chair while he stood completely still and listened to all my aids. His last owner really did a great job with him!

Thank you Sara Schmitt for helping me find this gem and to everyone at the barn for helping him get settled in here. I can’t wait to watch our relationship develop.

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