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I know I've been a little quiet on here lately, but I've been dealing with some health issues since I moved out here. It wasn't the ideal situation to move to a new city, get sick, and not have any doctors that were familiar with me, nonetheless any doctors at all that were willing to see me sooner than 3-4 months from now! This is when I knew that I was at one of the most caring and supportive barns! Everyone jumped to help me immediately when they knew things weren't right... from making sure I got into a specialist, to driving me to doctor appointments, sitting with me as I got my IV's, bringing me food, making sure I drank every last drop of my medicine even though I was making horrible faces, and calling/texting to see what else I needed. All the while, Paco Taco has been getting the best care and training, and schedules are always arranged for me to ride when I'm up for it!

It can be hard being away from family and your home when you're sick, but I couldn't ask for a better family away from home. Thank you to everyone at Sara Schmitt Dressage for giving me such a warm welcome! I hope this passes quickly and I'm back to my rosy-cheeked self again-- we'll celebrate with donuts and pizza, and lots of it!!!

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