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Red Tail Farm August Show

I guess it has been a while since I updated everyone! El Paso and I had our last string of shows at the beginning of August at Red Tail Farm. There was a heat advisory the last few days, and if you know me you know I don’t function well in the heat (or the cold)— wait why did I come to New Jersey?! Hahaha..

Again, Taco was amazing. He’s learning to use his body better and better. We made some equipment changes right before the show and it was great to test it out at this show. We rode through our Individual Championship Test the first day and got a 75.882%. The second day we rode through our Team Test and got a 67.879%. Sara Schmitt really helped me manage in the heat and push in the warm up so I’d be ready for my rides, but not tire myself out too much. Thanks also to Carolyn and Erin Laurent who were there each day at the show to help groom and get him ready. And to Caelyn Adams who again got him bathed and Maggie O'Leary who braided so he was all beautified!

Thanks also to my generous sponsors and supporters: Horse By Horse, Enjoy Yums Healthy Horse Treats, Box Wheelchairs, Spinergy - Wheelchair, Kenda Tires USA, Challenged Athletes Foundation, The Rock House, Mike Box

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